[DMD027] Remodd - Something In Your Mind

Release number 27 of digital series, in which the young Italian artist Remodd explains his "Something In Your Mind EP" through a deep sleek minimal style.
Five original tracks with four remixes by: Neroh Wassa, Storlon,Three Angles and Paul Gutschmidt.
The Ukrainian kotyarochkin is responsible of the great work of the artwork design


1.Remodd - Tipzip (Original Mix)
2.Remodd - Take Flight (Original Mix)
3.Remodd - Chemisrty (Original Mix)
4.Remodd - Clear (Original Mix)
5.Remodd - Cold (Original Mix)
6.Remodd - Cold (Three Angles viewpoint Remix)
7.Remodd - Cold (Storlon Remix)
8.Remodd - Take Flight (Paul Gutschmidt Remix)
9.Remodd - Take Flight (Neroh Wassa Clear Remix)

Something In Your Mind (Remixes)