[DMD023] Sobamonk - Awareness of Unfamiliar Spaces

Awareness of Unfamiliar Spaces is the mind concept work by Sobamonk that contains 3 tracks focused on basic minimall house grooves & soft-emo basses.Also includes remixes by Paul Gutschmidt in a minimal techno vision,Polors in a deepnes vision and Lowbard on refined interpretation.

Artwork design by kotyarochkin 


1 Sobamonk - Distant Belief (Original Mix)
2 Sobamonk - Distant Belief (Polors Remix)
3 Sobamonk - Bass is Romantic (Original Mix)
4 Sobamonk - Back and Forth (Original Mix)
5 Sobamonk - Back And Forth (Lowbard Remix)
6 Sobamonk - Back and Forth (Paul Gutschmidt Remix)

Written and produced original tracks by Sobamonk,remixes by Lowbard and Paul Gutschmidt