[Doma017] Mod2 & Nino feat. MBP - Serial Stereo LP

New release of our Net Series is a special release, taking both qualifiers in a very positive way. We have allowed to present one of the masterpieces that most surprised us in recent time. A quality production exquisitely irresistible to the finest ears of music lovers.

Mod&Nino, two Parisian brothers by which the same blood flows with the same musical harmony through their bodies, reaching their brains in order to be exported in digital LP format for those who want to enjoy a few minutes of listening enjoyment.

Mod2 is a longtime student of electronic music for 20 years. His brother Nino, a creative composer and sound experimenter. Together they manage to create a beautiful combination of minimal techno and swing decorated with jazz samples. Recently the duo has become a trio with the addition of the French writer and singer Marianne BP (MBP in the project). The 3 members get music to reflect a feminine accent that travels from jazz to rock reaching Soul-Pop features. 
Mod2&Nino feat. MBP presents "Serial Stereo Album", an all electronic experience, simply a triply and original mixture.

Written and produced by Mod2&Nino feat Marianne "MBP" 

Artwork design by kotyarochkin 

Mastered by Jacobo Hernández 

Text by Julian Mendez