[DMD019] Hooll - Becoming The Sky

Martin Houle hides behind the pseudonym of Hooll. After its premiere release in the Russian label Music Kollektiv, this canadian based in Montreal presents his "Becoming The Sky LP" through Doma Musique Digital Series.
In this release, Hooll displays a collection of tracks characterized by marked rhythms, deep basses, broken percussions and a set of melodies that moves between dub textures and melancholic sounds.
A total of 6 original tracks + 1 track in collaboration with Victor Frias + 2 remixes by Lowbard and Stan Yaroslavsky.
In Doma Musique is autumn. And this release is a unique opportunity to climb fall clouds and become the gloomy sky so characteristic of this annual season.
Rainy Days in sight ...

Written and produced by Hooll,additional remixes by Lowbard and Stan Yaroslavsky