[Doma015] Storlon & Qantiem - Season Window EP

Heat is coming, buddies…and here comes the new Doma Net Series. This time Doma have the pleasure to invite you listen to "Storlon & Qantiem - Season Window EP".

At the gates of summer, we give you the opportunity to immerse you inside the sounds of these two Swiss artists, just when the spring fills of color in the land of such artists….or who knows…perhaps you prefer an "Indian Summer"? Don´t worry, you will experience the pleasure of "Indian Summer" if you immerse yourself in "Season Window EP"! But be careful" Extreme temperatures can play tricks… We recommend that you seek an "Ice Fog" or just cool off with a delicious pineapple juice and all will be well.

As always, "Season Window" comes with excellent remixes by Tilman, Dr. Nojoke, Lowbard, Furz and a plus additional bonus remix by Lowbard feat. Seq. If you would like to find a combination from a groove and hypnotic style to something closer to deep house, feel free to download and investigate about "Season Window"… and if you even still too hot  then you need to find Ice Fog Remix while you watch the excellent artwork masterpiece by Egho Design. That will make you take an "Indian Summer"!


1.Storlon & Qantiem - Bird Migration (Original Mix)
2.Storlon & Qantiem - Cristal Palace  (Original Mix)
3.Storlon & Qantiem - Indian Summer (Original Mix)
4.Storlon & Qantiem - Ice Fog (Original Mix)
5.Storlon & Qantiem - Bird Migration (Tilman's Love Mood Remix) 
6.Storlon & Qantiem - Crystal Palace (Dr.Nojoke Remix)
7.Storlon & Qantiem - Ice Fog (Lowbard Remix)
8.Storlon & Qantiem - Indian Summer (Furz Remix)
9.Storlon & Qantiem - Indian Summer (Lowbard feat.Seq)