[DMD015] VA - Geometric Parts Compilation

Mathematics defined geometry as: "Part of mathematics that studies the properties of space, relationships between points, lines, angles, planes and figures, and the way it is measured".
But they have been many musicians thinkers who surely have wondered about the possible existence of a possible musical geometry. We are convinced of the existence of a musical geometry, and Doma Musique is honored to define this musical geometry as:"Part of the music that studies the characteristics between harmony, rhythm, time, sound levels and sonorous, and the way they are measured." Sounds plausible…? Maybe yes…

Anaway, we introduce you the first Compilation in our Digital Series. A collection "geometrically" meshed with tracks by Marteaux, Furz, Mod2 & Nino, Mini Jool, Stan Yaroslavsky, Victor Frias, MRDIE,Le Nardo, Martin Avaro and Undefault.
Welcome to musical geometry, welcome to "Geometric Parts Compilation".


01 Marteaux - Come Torta (Original Mix)
02 Furz -  We Are In Santa Isabel (Original Mix)
03 Mod2&Nino - New York Diesel (Original Mix)
04 Mini Jool - Mymi (Original Mix)
05 Stan Yaroslavsky - Smoking (Original Mix)
06 MRDIE,Le Nardo - Sometimes (Original Mix)
07 Victor Frias - Paranoic (Original Mix)
08 Martin Avaro - Aaha (Original Mix)
09 Undefault - Licky Weeks (Original Mix)

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Written and produced by Marteaux,Furz,Mod2&Nino,Mini Jool,Stan Yaroslavsky,Victor Frias,MRDIE,Le Nardo,Martin Avaro,Undefault

Text by Julian Mendez

Mastered by Jacobo Hernández 

Artwork by Egho Design