[Doma 13.3] Andres Marcos- I Was Young And Needed The Money EP (Remixes)

Hey people….here is the new Doma 13.3 Remix version…This new remix collection consists of all remixes already released in the original release by : Eril Fjord, Laurine Frost,Berk Offset,Storlon, and 3 new curious remixes by Kimathir, DRD_s 999 HWSD,and finally Undefalult.


1.Andres Marcos-Chickens (Kimathir Remix)
2.Andres Marcos- I Was Young And Needed The Money (Eril Fjord Remix)
3.Andres Marcos- I Was Young And Needed The Money (Laurine Frost Remix)
4.Andres Marcos-Chickens (Berk Offset Schenkel Remix)
5.Andres Marcos-Chickens (Storlon Deep in the Hen House edit)
6.Andres Marcos-I Was Young And Needed The Money (DRD_s 999 HWSD RMX)
7.Andres Marcos-En la Orilla Del Mar (Undefault Interpretation)


Hopefully having pleasure with this Andres Marcos EP in remix version,also do know that like all  previous releases in remix  version you can buy a  high quality shirt at a reasonable price of 20 €+shipping.

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Doma  family wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)