[DMD009] Mini Jool-Couleurs Sonores LP

What the color of pure snow? What color is the grass? And oranges .... are blue? As we all know, there are colors that our eyes perceive only through images. However, the view is not the only sense capable of picking colors.

Doma Musique is pleased to introduce you Mini-Jool, new Swiss talent that gives us the great opportunity to enjoy with what he calls "Couleurs Sonores LP", his first release, which opens through the front door. In this 9th installment of our Digital Series, you will discover 7 tracks loaded with frenetic and funny rhythms, catchy percussions, deep basses, cosmic-rough atmospheres and sporadic ethnic sounds.

We suggest you using Mini-Jool´s sonic colors in a wonderful late afternoon, watching outdoors how those strange pre-autumn  clouds, begin to cover Europes skies. Anyway, it's just a suggestion, feel free to give this fabulous LP the use that suits you!

And get ready for the next release of our Digital Series, a fabulous pack of remixes of tracks you'll find in this "Couleurs Sonores LP".

Can your ear also make out colors?
If you like Doma Musique, surely the answer is: YES! ;)



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