[Doma 001] VA - We Made Contact LP

[Doma 001]
VA - We Made Contact LP

"We Made Contact" is the first release of the net label, a V.A. created between Spain and Argentina which contains a variety of sounds, from the hypnotic rhythms to the smooth jazz melodies and dark landscapes. The LP has relaxing and pleasant textures that varies according with each artist.

We hope you enjoy our first creation made with much love and dedication!!!



01) Ehn - El Caminador
02) Neroh Wassa - Onions
03) Marteaux - Dwakados
04) Pachyderme - Hypnotique
05) Ywi - Walking Around
06) Egho - Loannina
07) Nicht - VaiVo
08) Seq - Voyage Hypnotique
09) Marbux - Clasicminal

Cover: Egho

Date: 12-05-2010
Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Spain License.

Sven Laux:
I really love the compilation.
It's very hard to pick a favourite, but I really like these tracks:
ehn - el caminador
marteaux - dwakados
seq - voyage hypnotique
I will play them for sure. :)

Doubting Thomas:
I have been listening to the full release, and i am very impressed with it all, very nice vibe all the way!! my fav is Egho...well executed piece of music!!
thanks again for the promo!!