Doma Musique birthday was recently. There are already 2 years that we have been trying to offer quality art. It all started with our Net Series full of hope and work, which was finally successful. That encouraged us to launch our Digital Series, about a year ago.

On the occasion of our anniversary, we are pleased to announce: Doma Clothing. A series of T-Shirts in which we try to keep our style with subtlety  by Egho Design. His great way to shape his art, has made this project a reality. We decided to start Doma Clothing with Bounce T-Shirt, to celebrate the latest Haruyuki Yokoyama´s release of the Digital Series; and 3 models of T-Shirts for 3 of our releases of the Net Series: Dubbassylon, Eo Ipso, and I Was Young and Needed The Money. For each mdel of shirts above, we take the opportunity yo launch a series of releases in our Net Series:
[Doma 013.1] [Doma 013.2] and [Doma 013.3]

You can get each and every one of the models available in Doma  Clothing VERY SOON!